Senior UX Designer - Holborn London

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Job Description

Senior UX Designer - Holborn London

Currently, our London based plan and innovation centre is looking for a pb UX designer.

To articulation the plan squad and enactment on different designers, researchers, merchandise owners and technologists successful defining and processing integer products and platforms.

The relation volition impact initiating and managing projects and pb the squad guardant successful regular plan tasks which see conducting workshops, idiosyncratic investigating and prototyping.

Key responsibilities

   •   Synthesize qualitative and quantitative information to deduce personas, usage cases, concepts, idiosyncratic journeys and accusation architecture.

   •   Create prototypes based connected high-level business, functional, and method requirements.

   •   Collaborate with Engineering and Product Management to guarantee the champion originative solutions are realized, implemented and delivered.

   •   Work on concern analysts to complement idiosyncratic stories with plan output

   •   Work intimately with Project manager and the squad to guarantee the sprint expectations are being respected and backlog defined.

   •   Keep abreast of latest practices, techniques and emerging technologies wrong the manufacture and employment these to make ideas and animate originative concepts.

   •   Act arsenic a plan and UX advocator internally and externally.

   •   Work straight with the lawsuit connected task scope and expectations.


   •   Bachelor's grade oregon equivalent.

   •   UX decorator with implicit 3 years enactment acquisition moving for respected clients arsenic a idiosyncratic acquisition designer, enactment designer, accusation architect, oregon akin role.

   •   Understanding of the UX processes.

   •   Experience successful interface plan for desktop, tablet, and endeavor bundle design.

   •   Experience of moving successful an Agile situation is desired.

   •   Experience of moving to strict deadlines.

   •   Proven plan way record.

   •   Experience successful designing idiosyncratic flows, wireframes and implementation instructions.

   •   Ability to specify cardinal metrics and measure task success.

   •   Portfolio of UX and plan work.


   •   World people UX / interface design

   •   Strong impervious of concept, accelerated prototyping, storyboarding and method skills.

   •   Excellent connection skills, written and oral.

   •   Excellent presumption skills.

   •   Ability to rapidly crook astir elaborate wireframes and mock-ups successful an iterative environment.

   •   Proficiency successful Sketch, Axure, Adobe CS, etc.

   •   An knowing of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and different cardinal web technologies.

The presumption volition beryllium based successful Holborn London.

The wage for this relation volition beryllium successful the scope £50K - £60K + Benefits

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and availability.