Senior UX Researcher- Holborn London

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Job Description

Senior UX Researcher - Holborn London

Our Client are plan thinkers solving concern challenges with ngo captious integer solutions that weave exertion and quality experiences into meaningful and economical outcomes.

A planetary squad and portion of a larger integer engineering institution providing work to antithetic sectors.

Currently, looking to enlistee successful to the London offices a UX researcher.

The presumption is to behaviour UX probe and workshops, consult clients connected merchandise strategy and enactment arsenic a idiosyncratic and plan advocator wrong improvement teams.

  • Assist UX & work plan consultants successful research, workshops, lawsuit and idiosyncratic engagements and testing.
  • Conduct stakeholder research, idiosyncratic research, marketplace research, and idiosyncratic tests.
  • Facilitate workshops and supply lawsuit proposal successful challenging ...
  • Synthesize qualitative and quantitative information to deduce personas, usage cases, concepts, idiosyncratic journeys and accusation architecture.
  • Understand and incorporated analyzable method and concern requirements into compelling UX strategies.
  • Collaborate with Engineering and Product Management to guarantee the champion originative solutions are realized, implemented and delivered.
  • Act arsenic a plan and UX advocator internally and externally.


   •   Minimum Bachelor's grade oregon equivalent.

   •   UX researcher with implicit 3 years enactment acquisition moving for respected clients arsenic a UX researcher, work decorator oregon consultant.

   •   Understanding of the UX processes.

   •   Experience successful interface plan for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

   •   Experience of moving successful an Agile situation is desired.

   •   Experience of moving to strict deadlines.

   •   Proven way grounds and bureau experience.

   •   Experience successful designing idiosyncratic flows, wireframes and implementation instructions.

   •   Ability to specify cardinal metrics and measure task success.

   •   Portfolio of UX and plan work.

The wage for this relation is up to £50K

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format.