Service Integration Manager - Dublin

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Job Description

Service Integration Manager - Dublin

Support the maturation of IT Service Management wrong their aligned lawsuit radical successful enactment with IT Strategic absorption to standardize and align to 1 mode of delivering IT Service Excellence:

   •   Assure ITTP transportation towards the assigned concern area(s) - enactment successful adjacent concern with aligned lawsuit radical and ITTP teams to guarantee that task progress, prime and fund is aligned crossed each applicable ITTP deliverables.

   •   Oversee onboarding of aligned lawsuit radical to ITTP services ensuring that changes to lawsuit operations are understood and onboarding projects are scoped and delivered to enactment the wider IT strategy of a azygous mode for managing IT work delivery. This volition impact being capable to co-ordinate the activities of important numbers (20-40) outer resources engaged successful the execution of onboarding and ongoing exploitation.

   •   Build beardown concern narration with stakeholder groups done enactment of regularly scheduled governance meetings

   •   Act arsenic archetypal interaction constituent for concern needs; measure feasibility of imaginable projects successful coordination with applicable customer.

   •   Serve arsenic focal / escalation constituent for the ITTP initiatives wrong his/her country of responsibility, spouse with the concern to adhd worth erstwhile preparing concern cases.

   •   Provide ITSM consulting expertise towards the applicable concern area(s).

   •   Lead solution visioning sessions, including request gathering and rationalization.

   •   Support the knowing and alignment of modular operating processes (SOPs) crossed applicable customers.

   •   Support the constitution and absorption of the yearly fund reappraisal demonstrating ratio initiatives with affirmative fund interaction for the applicable concern area(s), ITTP and IT.

   •   Ensure adherence to fiscal processes to enactment ITTP Projects and IT Operations activities for the applicable concern area(s) - e.g. Service Level Targets, CARs

   •   Bachelor's grade successful a machine science, engineering oregon accusation exertion discipline. An precocious grade and related accreditations a plus.

   •   7+ years of acquisition wrong IT, ITIL and Service Management

   •   3+ years of acquisition wrong the Pharma / Life Science manufacture preferable

   •   5+ years demonstrated acquisition managing IT services oregon delivering IT work betterment initiatives.

This is simply a 6 period declaration successful Dublin.

Please guardant your CV successful Word format.