Silicon Photonics Engineer

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Welcoming candidates of each levels of seniority, a caller presumption for a Silicon Photonics Engineer successful Southampton for a planetary organisation specialising in silicon photonics. The Silicon Photonics Engineer will beryllium expected to plan and exemplary state-of-the-art silicon photonics devices.

Skills required:

  • Experience with simulation tools specified arsenic Lumerical and K-Layout
  • Modelling of integrated photonic devices
  • Design of optical components and systems
  • Programming acquisition successful Python oregon C++
  • Knowledge of waveguides, modulators and integrated detectors

If you person the indispensable skills for this role, delight guarantee they are successful your CV.

For further accusation oregon to nonstop successful an exertion for the Silicon Photonics Engineer vacancy delight get successful interaction with Phil Wright.

Contact Name: Phil Wright

Reference: TJ/801/V-190040

Job ID: 3313876


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