Site Reliability Engineer

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Site Reliability Engineer with Python

Our Client looking to bring connected a tract reliability technologist to assistance deploy, manage, troubleshoot, and heighten our analyzable cloud-based acceptable of interior tools and externally managed services for a assortment of users crossed our wide-ranging organization.

You volition person astatine slightest 7 to 10 years hands-on expertise moving arsenic a Site Reliability Engineer.

You volition enactment intimately with IT, product, and engineering to widen and support this acceptable of tools and services and to assistance debug and resoluteness problems.

In addition, the perfect campaigner volition proactively look for strategy weaknesses and find ways to resoluteness them earlier they tin origin accumulation issues via monitoring and information we aggregate done assorted tools wrong our organization's IT & DevOps toolkit.


  • Keep our suite of interior apps and services up and moving oregon getting it backmost up and moving rapidly if a nonaccomplishment were to occur
  • Be the method constituent idiosyncratic of operational work for 2 halfway platforms (one mobile and 1 web application) i.e. engaging arsenic due upon escalations from the IT enactment radical whether it beryllium occupation solving, addressing accumulation issues, enhancing features etc. - collaborating with engineers and others arsenic needed
  • Work intimately with interior partners and teams arsenic good arsenic outer vendors to guarantee that we vessel bundle that meets our codification quality, information and show requirements
  • Write, update, and usage our documentation, including runbooks and/or playbooks
  • Help automate existing oregon physique caller interior workflows including ongoing infrastructure needs, testing, failover mitigations, and more
  • Debug analyzable problems crossed our full web and mobile exertion stack and counsel cardinal stakeholders connected solutions, arsenic good arsenic instrumentality said solutions if appropriate.
  • Further our interior CI/CD processes to amended merchandise cadence and developer experience
  • Participate successful the regular / play bundle improvement process (standups, sprint planning, retros, contented tracking, etc.)
  • Actively pb immoderate captious contented post-mortem processes, including coordination of immoderate meetings and further steps to take


  • 7+ years acquisition with bundle engineering, bundle development, and/or strategy operations
  • Experience debugging analyzable problems and implementing timely cost-effective solutions
  • Experience designing, building, and operating large-scale accumulation systems
  • Deep cognition of Python is preferred, though different languages similar Java, Go, Rust, oregon akin volition besides beryllium heavy considered
  • Experience utilizing root power (Git, GitHub) and diagnostic branching strategies
  • Experience with a assortment of open-source databases (MySQL, Postgres, Redis, etc.)
  • Experience with DevOps engineering and moving with instrumentality orchestration, specified arsenic with Docker oregon Kubernetes
  • Experience with log monitoring and observability via platforms similar Sumologic oregon Cloudwatch
  • Experience automating infrastructure, testing, and deployments utilizing tools similar CircleCI Configuration absorption tooling and infrastructure arsenic codification cognition is preferred but not required
  • Experience moving with AWS services, with cognition of Azure / Google ecosystems adjuvant but not required
  • Strong familiarity with wide modern web and mobile exertion development, including hands-on acquisition moving with JavaScript (Typescript preferred) and Python stacks
  • Cross functional squad collaboration experience, particularly moving with engineers and idiosyncratic acquisition / merchandise designers, arsenic good arsenic outer stakeholders
  • Strong skills for weighing and managing scope, risk, prime and timelines
  • Strong absorption connected quality, security, performance, and extremity idiosyncratic experience

This is an breathtaking presumption with an breathtaking organisation based successful Central London and New York.

The presumption tin beryllium London oregon New York based.

The wage for this presumption volition beryllium circa £80K - £100K.

Do nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and announcement period.