SoC Architect

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This is simply a remote-working accidental for a SoC Architect to articulation our well-funded start-up lawsuit based successful Belgium; a fascinating institution processing the world’s archetypal holographic show chips.

The aboriginal successful however radical pass is successful 3 dimensions. Our lawsuit is making that imaginable travel to life; their proven exertion is going to person a immense interaction connected however we live, enactment and play. They question a SoC Architect to articulation their expanding silicon squad and instrumentality work for specification, implementation and investigating of caller real-time video processing architectures, moving cross-functionally to optimise performance, and supporting strategy integration connected FPGA and ASIC platforms.

The relation of SoC Architect volition suit a existent innovator; idiosyncratic keen to leap into the challenges of moving for an early-stage commencement up.

Requirements include:

  • A University grade successful Electronic Engineering, Computer Science oregon akin field
  • Deep acquisition of ASIC / SoC and strategy architecture definition
  • Strong cognition of the integer RTL plan flow, and an in-depth knowing of the concepts for area, bandwidth, powerfulness and throughput optimisation
  • Prior acquisition successful video processor and / oregon connection systems would beryllium beneficial

Exciting opportunities await! The SoC Architect volition beryllium pivotal successful shaping the aboriginal of visualisation. Expect a precise competitory salary, an bonzer team, and a flexible enactment civilization to enactment a steadfast work-life balance. Some question to Belgium volition beryllium required.

To find retired much oregon to apply, delight interaction Caroline Pye.