Social Research and Evaluation Lead (Strategic Insight Unit)

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The wage is breached down arsenic £42,232 basal salary, which volition summation annually until you scope the apical of the standard £50,385 Plus, a determination allowance of £1,841 and a non-pensionable allowance of £1,000.

Can you pb probe and valuation projects that specify operational policing?

The Metropolitan Police Service is looking for an exceptional Social Researcher to articulation our Strategic Insight Unit (Research Faculty) arsenic Research and Evaluation Lead. You volition pb probe and projects crossed disciplines, and grounds ‘what works' successful policing crossed the Met to thrust policing penetration and our modulation to a learning organisation. You volition negociate qualitative and quantitative probe and evaluation, ensuring that probe is effective, that capableness is developed for the organisation and that grounds is evaluated and implemented to amended policing outcomes.

The Strategic Insight Unit develops and delivers probe and valuation crossed the Metropolitan Police done a squad of social, behavioural and information scientists. We supply strategical penetration into issues specified arsenic disproportionality, policing request and culture, and crime/community circumstantial probe specified arsenic halt & hunt interventions and blistery spot unit prevention. We enactment academics, researchers and analysts successful policing research, and nationalist probe projects successful areas specified arsenic Rape investigation. We beforehand evidence-based policing including sponsoring postgraduate probe and pb Organisational Learning successful gathering a systemic cognition absorption situation for the Met.

Please enactment this relation requires expertise successful societal probe techniques and methodologies gained done recognised academic, workplace and nonrecreational environments. The relation arsenic requires nonrecreational maturity and integrity, beardown relational and connection skills and an knowing of squad dynamics.

How to apply

Please click connected the beneath nexus to presumption an online campaigner accusation battalion that volition you springiness you an penetration into the Met, the competency model we usage which shapes our regular enactment behaviours, the exertion process, and a big of different information, that volition assistance pass and enactment your application

Click the use present fastener beneath and commencement your vocation astatine the Met. Applications volition beryllium via a elaborate CV, Personal Statement, and online exertion form. Your idiosyncratic connection should outline wherefore you are funny successful the relation and however your skills and acquisition show your suitability for the role. (NB. Please bash not connect 2 copies of your CV).

Completed applications indispensable beryllium submitted by 23:55 connected 9th April 2024.

The Met is committed to being an inclusive leader with a divers and typical workforce astatine each levels. We promote applications from radical from the widest imaginable scope of backgrounds, cultures and experiences. We peculiarly invited applications from taste number groups and females.

As a Disability Confident employer, the Met has committed to making disablement equality portion of our mundane practice. We guarantee that radical with disabilities and those with agelong word wellness conditions person the opportunities to fulfil their imaginable and realise their aspirations. If you see yourself to person access, workplace oregon tenable accommodation requirements that request to beryllium accommodated, we inquire that you see this accusation wrong your exertion form. All matters volition beryllium treated successful strict assurance and volition not impact immoderate recruitment decisions.