Software Architect - Zurich

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Software Architect - C#, Azure, Agile - Zürich

(Tech stack: Software Architect, .NET 8, ASP.NET, C#, Azure, DevOps (CI/CD), Angular 17, Microservices, TypeScript, Web API 2, Agile, SQL Server 2022, Programmer, Architect, Softwareentwickler, Entwickler)

Do you privation to enactment for a globally recognised exertion brand? Do you privation to enactment connected endeavor level C# / Azure bundle improvement projects and summation vulnerability to cutting borderline technologies? Do you privation to acquisition a genuinely blase Agile improvement environment? Then look nary further!

They are looking for Software Architect to assistance them dramatically grow and amended their acceptable of products portion simultaneously supporting a monolithic summation successful the capableness of their systems. They person been highly picky astir assembling a squad of smart, humble radical who are passionate astir creating astonishing products. They enactment successful an agile mode and judge powerfully that tiny cross-functional teams empowered to marque decisions and determination accelerated is the champion mode to work. This is an unbeatable accidental for Software Architect who hopes to enactment connected and present satellite people bundle successful a friendly, fun, and innovative environment.

The perfect Software Architect candidates should person beardown acquisition with: .NET, .NET Core, C#, and Azure. Our lawsuit volition supply you with manufacture recognised grooming into: .NET 8, C#, Azure, AWS, DevOps (CI/CD), Angular 17, Microservices, MongoDB, JavaScript, TypeScript, Web API 2, Entity Framework, Agile, TDD, BDD, Scrum, Kanban and SQL Server 2022.

If you are funny successful applying for these positions, delight nonstop your CV.

Location: Zürich, Switzerland / Remote Working

Salary: 140'000 CHF - 170'000 CHF + Bonus + Benefits

Applicants indispensable beryllium based successful Switzerland and person the close to enactment successful Switzerland adjacent though distant moving is available.

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