Software Business Analyst

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Providing merchandise ownership wrong a tiny bundle team

This centrally based Cambridge institution provides integrated Enterprise bundle suites utilized for vigor commodity tracking. Their clients run successful markets crossed the UK and Europe. By utilizing their bundle platforms, customers person penetration and elaborate knowing of their ain operations and processes.

As the institution grows, they are looking to enlistee a Software Business Analyst to articulation them. The relation would beryllium to fulfil merchandise ownership responsibilities wrong 1 of their multidisciplinary bundle teams. These teams are highly collaborative and culturally person an unfastened presumption connected however to attack problems. Well-engineered trumps velocity erstwhile it comes to their bundle improvement practices.

Software Business Analysts volition beryllium wrong the improvement squad and enactment arsenic the dependable of the customer. This ensures that products that are developed service lawsuit needs and are not fanciful features. To bash this, the Software Business Analyst volition enactment intimately with operations teams and marketplace users. 

  • Requirements
    Experience moving successful a concern expert / merchandise proprietor wrong a bundle merchandise company. Ideally wrong the vigor assemblage though different commodity areas would beryllium considered.
  • Good familiarity of agile processes for bundle development.
  • Strong connection skills.

Preference would beryllium for idiosyncratic to person had anterior acquisition successful bundle improvement (ideally with .NET technologies). The relation is hybrid, and funny candidates should beryllium prepared to beryllium successful the bureau 2-3 days per week. Parking is disposable onsite, and nationalist transport (bus and train) links are adjacent by.

Interested candidates request to beryllium based successful Cambridge oregon surroundings, oregon beryllium unfastened to relocate to this area. Further, candidates request to person afloat rights to enactment successful the UK. Time-restricted oregon babelike visa holders volition not beryllium considered. The institution supports careers with galore radical staying 5+ years with the company. They connection a suite of benefits including backstage wellness attraction and entree to EAP.

Keywords: Product Owner, Agile, Enterprise Software, Collaboration, Energy Commodities Market, Customer Focused

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