Software Developer

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I americium looking for a Software Developer to articulation a dynamic multi-strategy hedge money absorption steadfast with offices globally (HQ successful London). Paying up to £80,000 (DOE) positive benefits.

You volition lend to the improvement of Fund Management Tools, with afloat mentorship from experienced squad members with Goldman Sachs backgrounds.

As a Software Developer, you volition beryllium moving connected a scalable fiscal database, and you volition beryllium a important portion of the organisations rapidly expanding team.

Software Developer Role Requirement:

   •   Experience with Python, HTML & CSS.
   •   Familiarity with databases (e.g. MySQL).
   •   1st people grade successful Computer Science, Mathematics oregon related field.

If you are looking for immoderate different information, delight interaction Paula Kastrouni astatine IC Resources. 

We person a fig of different bundle positions crossed antithetic industries and locations disposable too!