Software Engineer (Applied Science)

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Software Engineer (Applied Science)


The Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team person joined forces with INEOS Britannia mentation for the 37th America's Cup successful 2024. This task brings unneurotic 2 highly complementary spheres of high-performance, high-technology engineering and sporting challenge. Since August 2019, squad members from our Applied Science part person been dedicated to projects with INEOS Britannia, helping to present and accelerate show for what's often referred to arsenic 'Formula One connected water'.

To beryllium a portion of our Team, it does not substance whether you already person an involvement motorsport, yacht's oregon racing successful general, we would similar to perceive from you. We are looking for radical who are passionate astir reaching their afloat imaginable and are excited astir perpetually learning. We are highly focused connected adjacent opportunities and pridefulness ourselves connected our strong, inclusive values and culture.

About the Role:

We're seeking a Software Engineer to articulation our increasing agile bundle improvement radical successful the Applied Science department. You'll enactment successful a self-directing task team, with different developers, to present projects that continuously amended our insights of show successful assorted domains.

You'll present connected cardinal projects to continuously make much broad insights, driving show wrong its operating environment. Partnering with cardinal areas of the business, you'll heighten existing tools and systems, present breathtaking caller projects, and negociate interior lawsuit experience. Examples see information & real-time infrastructure, information capture, information analysis, workflow automation and simulation development.

We privation to beryllium the champion successful everything that we bash from racing to bundle development, and are looking to revolutionise our moving practices, from conception to deployment. We're creating the adjacent procreation of bundle infrastructure that volition beryllium the instauration of our occurrence for years to come.

We're looking for idiosyncratic who has proven experience, moving successful a bundle team, who has delivered flexible, scalable, and maintainable solutions to analyzable problems. It's captious that you tin enactment with cardinal stakeholders, maintaining a beardown lawsuit focus. It's an breathtaking clip to articulation our squad to marque a tangible interaction connected our improvement and contention performance.

As our Software Engineer, your responsibilities volition include:

  • Being a constituent of interaction for caller bundle requirements and interior stakeholder management.

  • Enhancing existing systems, ensuring sustainable solutions, whilst gathering the functionality of the future.

  • Streamlining our bundle engineering projects and processes with the team, ensuring seamless lawsuit experiences and advocating champion practices.

  • Promoting modern bundle engineering practices - DevOps, configuration-as-code, trial driven development, micro-service architectures, etc.

  • Supporting contention and investigating events, ensuring the squad tin entree the close accusation astatine the close clip to heighten our strategical determination making.

To beryllium palmy you volition have:

  • Degree successful Computer Science (or similar), oregon applicable experience.

  • Experience moving successful precocious performing self-organising teams, delivering solutions to analyzable problems.

  • Understanding of agile improvement methodologies and the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

  • Experience delivering bundle wrong a DevOps culture.

  • Knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Professional acquisition successful Python development

  • Experience with immoderate of the pursuing languages / frameworks would beryllium considered an advantage: Docker, Angular, Kafka, C++, C#

  • Willingness to larn and accommodate successful a fast-paced environment.


Our riverside field is powered by 100% renewably sourced vigor and features an on-site gym and workout studio, subsidised edifice and on-site parking with EV chargers available.

We connection a competitory and charismatic bundle of benefits including a generous bonus scheme, Mercedes car lease scheme, backstage aesculapian cover, beingness assurance and 25 days holiday. We pridefulness ourselves connected our family-friendly environment, worker well-being programme and connection flexible moving opportunities.

Why us:

At the bosom of our show are our people. Every subordinate of our squad has a dependable and plays their portion successful contributing to our successes connected and disconnected the racetrack. We instrumentality pridefulness successful creating an innovative, collaborative and high-performance civilization wherever each of our squad members are respected, empowered and valued.

Through our Accelerate 25 programme, we are continuously moving to marque our squad adjacent much divers and inclusive. Whatever your background, we judge that you volition find moving with america rewarding and enriching.