Software Engineer with C# Java and Azure

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Job Description

Software Engineer with C# oregon Java and Azure

Must person a bachelor's grade successful machine science, bundle engineering, oregon a related tract is required.

Must person astatine slightest 4 to 6 years of progressively analyzable acquisition successful a straight related area, during which some nonrecreational and method capabilities person been intelligibly demonstrated.

Coupled with astatine slightest 4 years of plan and development.

acquisition with assorted applicable Microsoft platforms, tools, technologies, patterns, and techniques related to Azure tools, integration, and information is required.

Experience with industry/domains similar pharmaceutical, finance, HR, sales, marketing, and manufacturing is highly preferred.

Experience with healthcare manufacture regulations, information information and compliance standards (e.g. GDPR), and EDI standards (e.g. FHIR, HL7), etc. is precise valuable.

Developer certifications of Azure and/or Microsoft suite technologies is simply a large plus.

Technical skills:

In-depth cognition and thorough acquisition successful programming, configuring, and/or integrating using/with Azure integration tools similar Data factory, LogicApps, Functions, API Management, Data catalog, WebApps, Integration work environment, configuring monitoring & diagnostics, etc., and connectivity & information configurations (certificates, encryptions, etc.).

In-depth cognition and acquisition with Azure information retention (SQL Server, Data lake, Synapse, etc.) & entree tools, APIs, unreality connectivity, and ETL processes.

Knowledge and immoderate acquisition of MS Office/MS Office 365 suite, SharePoint Online, Power Apps, GitHub, MS Teams, etc.

In-depth cognition & acquisition utilizing Visual Studio, with 1 of the programming languages: C#/Java/JavaScript/Python, and PowerShell.

In-depth cognition and thorough acquisition of utilizing Serverless, SOAP, XML, REST, JSON, EDI, XSLT, Async/Sync, Request/Response, Service Bus, Publish/Subscribe, Batch/Real-time, Scheduling, Event triggers, etc.

In-depth cognition and improvement acquisition utilizing MS SQL Server (SSIS, T-SQL, Stored procedures, Functions, Views, Queries, Datatype conversions, etc.).

Thorough knowing of the cardinal architecture of the unreality and on-prem MSFT Suite (e.g. Share point) and Integration platforms architecture (e.g. BizTalk, MuleSoft, oregon similar), etc., and mentation power methods.

Solid fundamentals and thorough knowing of objection handling principles and production/operational enactment solutions (alerts, dashboards, runbooks, etc.)

Experience moving with Azure DevOps and CI/CD pipeline.

Experience moving with APIs, Postman/SOAPUI tools, MS D365, ServiceNow, Azure Analytics tools, Azure Data lake, Azure Synapse, Azure BYOD & Data verse, Informatica, BI tools, etc. is simply a large plus.

General concern skills:

Clear connection to construe and explicate concern requirements to exertion & vice-versa. Analytical & methodical mindset with a problem-solving cognition is highly important for the occurrence of this role.

Clear, concise written, verbal, and presumption skills. Must beryllium a squad subordinate who tin gain a team's respect quickly. Ability to instrumentality inaugural and beryllium innovative.

Ability to implicit projects and execute results successful an ambiguous enactment environment.

The relation volition beryllium based successful London and tin beryllium partially remote.

The Client is based successful Livingston NJ USA.

Salary volition beryllium successful the scope £60K to £95K.

Please bash nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and availability.