Software Engineers - Power Electronics

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Software Engineers are sought to make powerfulness electronics bundle for this starring organisation based successful the Vienna area.

The Software Engineer volition enactment intimately with the hardware and firmware teams processing bundle astatine each levels, embedded to exertion level, for powerfulness electronics power software. The Software Engineers volition beryllium moving done the full bundle lifecycle participating successful each parts of the improvement process.

Having completed your method education, you volition person gained a minimum of 2 years station postgraduate hands-on bundle improvement experience. Your skills volition see processing bundle astatine each levels nether Linux successful C and C++ with immoderate cognition of Qt5, Python SCM. Some acquisition of algorithms, bundle architectures, bundle plan and improvement methods oregon information structures would beryllium beneficial.

You tin expect a friendly, affirmative situation with flexible /home bureau hybrid moving connected offer. You volition besides find connected going grooming and vocation progression possibilities. Coupled with this you tin expect a precise competitory salary, Bonus and extended benefits.

To use telephone Adrian Wagstaff connected +44 1189 840948 oregon email your CV.