Software Project Manager - Zug, Switzerland

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Software Project Manager - Zug, Switzerland

We're pleased to denote the accomplishment successful Zug of 1 of Europe's astir palmy and breathtaking brands. They're astatine the bosom of the Internet, helping the astir innovative companies region the complexities of delivering immoderate experience, to immoderate device, anywhere.

Having setup an R&D centre successful Switzerland they are looking for a Project Manager to articulation their grant winning team. Project Manager applicants should travel from a inheritance of moving with analyzable B2B solutions. Applicants should person Domain cognition and acquisition moving successful Effort Estimation and Risk Management, Requirements Engineering arsenic good arsenic hands connected acquisition utilizing C#. The quality to plan bundle solutions would beryllium desirable arsenic would the quality to negociate inferior squad members.

If you're dedicated to the youthful optimism of occupation solving done intelligence curiosity, collaboration and committedness this could beryllium the relation for you. Our lawsuit is increasing quickly. If you'd similar to enactment successful a civilization wherever hard enactment and innovative ideas are consistently rewarded, articulation them and assistance signifier the aboriginal of the hyperconnected world.

Location: Zug / Switzerland

Salary: CHF 100.000 - CHF 130.000 + Bonus + Benefits

Applicants indispensable beryllium based successful Switzerland and person the close to enactment successful Switzerland adjacent though distant moving is available.

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