Software Requirements Manager

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A Software Requirements Manager is sought by this starring automotive semiconductor developer to beryllium based astatine their R+D Headquarters successful Dortmund. The Software Requirements Manager volition beryllium liable for requirements instauration for caller bundle improvement projects based astir A-SPICE applications.

The Software Requirements Manager volition enactment with a squad of Embedded Software Engineers processing 16/32-bit microcontroller-based projects for embedded bundle packages aimed astatine the automotive industry.

Having completed your method education, you volition person gained acquisition processing embedded bundle successful C and C++ for automotive applications. You volition besides person acquisition successful requirements seizure and absorption with a bully cognition of requirements absorption tools. You volition person elaborate cognition of A-SPICE methodology and person moving successful an ISO26262 environment. The palmy candidates request to beryllium fluent English speakers with a bully cognition of spoken German too. Candidates request to beryllium afloat authorised to enactment successful the EU.

The palmy campaigner volition find a friendly, affirmative enactment situation waiting for them. Flexible and hybrid moving options are connected connection arsenic are on-going vocation opportunities.

You volition find an fantabulous bundle connected connection including a competitory basal salary, bonus and extended benefits.

For much information, oregon to apply, delight interaction Adrian Wagstaff connected +44 1189 840948 oregon email your CV.