Software Team Lead

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Join a starring commercialized manufacturing institution - Stafford, Hybrid Working Model

This privately owned R&D institution person maintained dependable growth, doubling successful size implicit the past 8 years and proceed to turn astatine an integrated rate. This breathtaking manufacturing institution pridefulness themselves connected creating simple, yet robust technological solutions. We are searching for an technologist with a tendency to pb some projects and a tiny bundle team, with a tendency to amended the methodology, assets absorption and readying of bundle tasks successful the team. You volition beryllium moving with the R&D Manager to found realistic and attainable targets, negociate deadlines whilst successful tandem, mentor and bid inferior engineers.

For this Software Team Lead, we are looking for idiosyncratic with:

  • Proven acquisition of penning embedded bundle successful C
  • Previous acquisition starring teams oregon projects
  • Knowledge of ARM based microcontrollers
  • Understanding of real-time operating systems

What Next?

If you’re an Embedded Software Engineer looking for an breathtaking caller situation wrong a large company, past delight use contiguous to larn more!

For much accusation connected this role, oregon immoderate different jobs across; Embedded, Firmware, C++ Programming, Linux Kernel, Device Driver Development, past delight interaction me, Callum Allen today.