Solution Architect - Asset Manager

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Solution Architect - Asset Manager
City of London
12 Month FTC

Responsibilities see defining roadmaps, exertion and integration strategies, and architectural standards, arsenic good arsenic supporting the constitution of foundational unreality capabilities. The designer volition support a hands-on approach, drafting connected their engineering inheritance to present robust solutions, portion besides fostering collaboration with strategical partners and interior teams to thrust continuous betterment and minimise risks.

They volition beryllium liable for defining and delivering roadmaps, defining exertion and integration strategies to enactment the transformational journey, determination making for exertion architecture for unreality integration services.

Defining architectural standards based connected champion practices and repeatable processes ensuring they are embedded arsenic portion of the method governance processes. They volition play a important relation successful defining, maintaining and communicating the IT Strategy, exertion roadmaps and play an progressive relation successful method governance.


* Design and make IT solutions that conscionable the concern requirements and align with the companys exertion strategy
* Conduct feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses to measure the imaginable interaction of projected solutions
* Collaborate with bundle developers, engineers, and different IT professionals to guarantee the palmy implementation and integration of solutions
* Establish and pb connected architecture principles, standards, defining reusable standards, guidelines, patterns, and strategies for guiding the usage of nationalist unreality and on-premises infrastructure services, , including strategy diagrams, flowcharts, and information models, to usher the improvement and implementation process
* Provide enactment for the Technology Leadership Team successful innovation, proposal connected strategical IT decisions, exertion choices and the appraisal of concern cases for exertion utilizing fantabulous written and oral connection skills to contiguous ideas successful a concern and idiosyncratic affable language.
* Assist engineering teams to make and update each task documentation relating to the low-level design, ensuring adherence to some IT architecture and high-level plan principles.
* Apply appropriate, structured methodologies and instrumentality architecture standards and manufacture champion practice
* Design architectures utilizing the principles of re-use and complexity reduction, portion balancing performance, scalability and extensibility
* Stay up-to-date with manufacture trends and emerging technologies to guarantee the organisation remains competitory and innovative.
* Support the concern successful our travel to go data-driven, by capturing and knowing their concern needs, and defining and implementing Data and Analytics notation architectures, solutions and roadmaps.
* Provide clarity, thought enactment and plan blueprints connected Data absorption including migration, mastery, redundancy & lineage.
* Design and make solutions architecture, information architecture and information governance specs based connected the to-be processes that are portion of the concern and integer transformations.


* Demonstrated vulnerability to multiple, divers method configurations, technologies and processing
* Proven acquisition successful exertion architecture and plan with a heavy cognition of Cloud based Data Platforms
* Experience of prototyping / impervious of conception exercises to validate and measure the benefits of a exertion against a concern need
* Experience of different Cloud Service Providers (Azure, Google Cloud)
* Experience of Azure Databricks architecture.
* ExperiEnce of snowflake architecture and/or implementation
* Familiarity successful Infrastructure arsenic Code and CI/CD Pipeline
* Familiarity with Dev Ops Services
* Facilitation and collaboration skills, comfy starring plan workshops done to actionable results
* Analytical and originative thinker, and experienced occupation solver