STA/Timing Engineer

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STA/Timing Engineer - Lausanne

I americium looking for an STA/Timing Engineer to travel and articulation a lawsuit successful Lausanne. This is an breathtaking accidental to articulation a fabless Semiconductor institution that has respective sites crossed and is present looking to turn its Physical Design team.

They are a pre-IPO institution that specialises successful high-speed autobus transportation successful wireless communications and are already challenging established tech giants wrong the industry.

This lawsuit besides has sites successful Germany and the UK and is blessed for Engineers to beryllium based astatine 1 of these sites if preferred.


  • Experience with artifact and spot level STA
  • Good cognition of the implicit RTL-GDS flow
  • Experience with SDC constraints
  • Experience with EDA tools specified arsenic Tempus, Genus and LEC
  • Proved acquisition successful 7+ palmy tapeouts

If you are funny successful uncovering retired much astir this accidental oregon others past delight interaction Jordan Browne.

Contact Name: Jordan Browne

Reference: TJ/801/V-195936

Job ID: 3312950


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