Stress Engineer

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An exhilarating accidental has go disposable for a Stress Engineer to articulation a rapidly increasing institution to beryllium launching ground-breaking exertion into abstraction successful Reading.

As a Stress Engineer, you volition person a fig of halfway responsibilities that include:

  • Lead the plan and improvement of next-generation propulsion systems
  • Structural dynamic modelling
  • Solving outer framework dynamics and investigating outer propulsion structures
  • Model and trial structures

To beryllium considered for the Stress Engineer accidental you indispensable beryllium capable to lick satellites from dynamics, trial outer propulsion structures, person acquisition successful FEM bundle specified arsenic ANSYS, person a beardown knowing of materials, and beryllium comfy moving successful a high-paced environment.

If you would similar further accusation astir the Stress Engineer, accidental oregon person an involvement successful making an application, delight interaction Jade Arnott.