Stress Engineer - Hybrid

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Stress Engineers
Derby / Hybrid

Company lawsuit is looking for Stress Engineers to articulation our increasing teams successful Derby and East Kilbride Glasgow with Hybrid working.

Our Aerospace part based crossed Glasgow and Derby is increasing and we are recruiting for a fig of Stress Engineers to articulation our squad for caller projects that impact caller Gas Turbine technologies.

The Stress Engineers volition transportation retired a assortment of assessments to find the mechanical integrity and beingness of a constituent oregon assembly of Gas Turbines. It is expected that the Stress Engineers whitethorn beryllium progressive successful assorted aspects of stress, lifing and integrity analyses for some static and rotating components. These assessments whitethorn scope from accepted hand-calculations to 3D FEA investigation with some elastic and inelastic assessments being considered.

It is expected that the Stress Engineers volition beryllium comfy moving successful an Engineering Services situation and volition beryllium capable to equilibrium the method challenges of the task with the commercialized and task timescale associated with delivery.

Required Qualifications and Experience:

* Degree successful Aeronautical, Mechanical Engineering oregon related discipline.
* Strong method capabilities successful respective aspects of stress, lifing and integrity analyses.
* Experienced successful Gas Turbine Stress investigation and approprate tools and methods.
* Experience with Stress Analysis and FEA Software with Ansys preferred, arsenic good arsenic Hand Calcs.
* Comprehensive toolset knowledge.
* Experienced successful moving wrong flexible teams.
* Able to sermon and pass connected highly method aspects, some internally and with Belcan clients.
* Can self-check work, petition assistance wherever required and present prime output.

Remuneration and Benefits

* Competitive Salary
* Company Pension
* Discounts and Offers
* Life Assurance
* Training and Career Development
* Octopus Car Electric Car Scheme

Founded successful 1958, Belcan has go a planetary technological person and established spell to Engineering Services provider, moving wrong galore industries including Aerospace, Defence, Marine, Nuclear, Automotive and Cyber Security with implicit 10,000 professionals serving hundreds of customers successful implicit 60 locations worldwide.