Sungard's Front Arena Application Developer with Python

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Job Description

Sungard Front Arena Developer

Our Client is looking to enlistee respective Sungard's Front Arena Developers/Consultants

You volition person astatine slightest 3 to 5 years coagulated backmost crushed of moving with Sungard's oregon FIS Global's Front Arena product.

The relation is to make and enactment Front Arena applications done extending and integrating the halfway Front Architecture.


  • Develop highly disposable applications wrong Front Arena.
  • Design and make integrations with different trading and backmost bureau applications.
  • Support Trading Manager and the applications that utilize its output e.g. overnight risk/scenarios and Mark-to-Market.
  • Provide occasional enactment for different Front Arena developed applications.
  • Actively lend successful gaining exertion and concern cognition for the improvement team.

The pursuing skills and acquisition are considered indispensable for this role:

  • Deep knowing of Front Arena and its programming languages: ADFL, ACM. AEL, ASQL and Python.
  • Knowledge of Front Arena Architecture and components: ADS, ATS and Service Bus.
  • Must beryllium capable to liaise and intelligibly pass with colleagues.
  • Experience of interacting with extremity users successful the fiscal industry.
  • Ability to enactment independently and lick concern problems done ain initiative.
  • Ability to enactment successful a accelerated changing environment

Desirable skills/experience:

  • Experience of the Front Arena 4 track.
  • Experience of customized exemplary integration.
  • Experience of different Trading Systems.
  • MS SQL
  • Knowledge of Financial Derivatives

This is simply a 6 period declaration based successful Warsaw Poland.

Do nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your regular complaint and availability.