SW Test Development Engineer - Audio

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I person a caller vacancy with a lawsuit successful Cornwall who are looking to prosecute a Software Test Development Engineer, to enactment arsenic portion of their innovative R&D SW engineering team.

They are a planetary person successful audio technology, truthful if you person immoderate acquisition oregon involvement successful the audio abstraction (particularly euphony instrumentality and software) - this is for you!

This relation involves processing bundle trial programs to enactment their trial systems utilized and Audio products being manufactured.

  • Software trial improvement acquisition is essential
  • Experience of Java & Javascript is essential
  • Any acquisition of Python, C#, C++ would beryllium useful
  • Any audio hardware vulnerability would beryllium useful, on with the quality to work and recognize circuit schematics.

Relocation assistance is connected offer, truthful use asap!

If you are interested, interaction Matt Andrews astatine IC Resources

Contact Name: Matt Andrews

Reference: TJ/801/V-194045

Job ID: 3312248


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