System Safety Engineer - ADAS

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Our lawsuit is simply a starring innovator successful the tract of autonomous conveyance technology, dedicated to shaping the aboriginal of transportation. To fortify their Functional Safety Team, they are presently seeking a System & Safety Engineer to articulation their squad successful Parma.

This relation offers a wage of up to €55,000 arsenic good arsenic the quality to enactment a hybrid exemplary (3 days connected site).

This presumption volition instrumentality work for the following:

  • Analysing and comprehending the requirements for autonomous conveyance functions, including studying strategy specifications, information standards, and functional requirements.
  • Defining and managing strategy requirements according to Automotive SPICE (ASPICE) guidelines.
  • Designing, developing, and investigating bundle systems for autonomous vehicles, encompassing codification writing, algorithm implementation, and integration with different components.
  • Analysing information from simulation and real-world investigating to place basal causes of failures and collaborating with interior and outer teams to resoluteness bugs.
  • Collaborating connected strategy improvement and conducting real-world script investigating connected the vehicle.
  • Producing documentation and reports to facilitate collaboration with colleagues.

Experience required

  • Proven acquisition successful bundle oregon strategy improvement for autonomous vehicles oregon akin analyzable systems.
  • Strong acquisition successful Automotive SPICE (ASPICE), ISO 26262 (or similar) and SOTIF.
  • Strong programming skills successful languages specified arsenic C/C++, Python, oregon Java.

If you are passionate astir shaping the aboriginal of proscription and person the skills and acquisition required for this role, past delight interaction Emily Jones.

Contact Name: Emily Jones

Reference: TJ/801/V-197262

Job ID: 3323519


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