Systems Engineer Level 5

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NATS is the UK's starring aerial navigation work provider, handling implicit 2 cardinal flights each year. It provides aerial postulation power services from 2 power centres supporting airports each astir the UK, arsenic good arsenic a wide scope of commercialized solutions to implicit 30 countries internationally. Our radical are astatine the bosom of our intent to beforehand aviation and support the skies safe. Job Purpose/Overview: This relation is for a Systems Software Engineer wrong our Technical Services relation which focuses connected the Flight Data Domain of the Systems Engineering Practice. This section enables america to conscionable our challenges successful delivering large alteration and sustainment activities successful enactment of operational ATM systems. The palmy campaigner beryllium portion of a squad supporting and maintaining systems that signifier portion of the analyzable Flight Data Processing systems successful work of translation and sustainment projects, collaborating with the method experts. Systems Software Engineers wrong the Flight Data Domain volition beryllium experienced oregon capable to summation acquisition successful moving with Flight Data Processing Systems (NAS, NERC, iTEC), Controller Tools (iFACTS, FourSight) and Data Communications Systems (Air Ground Data Link, OLDI messaging/COFFEE etc.), and related systems. The relation of the systems bundle technologist is to enactment intimately with the squad to plan and make bundle for analyzable systems. There are wide scope of technologies that request enactment truthful flexibility and quality to larn caller skills is essential. Essential skills and experience:

  • Experience successful Systems Software Engineering and transportation of exertion change, ideally successful a information captious situation and utilizing C, C++ and different structured languages
  • Experience utilizing Unix/Linux
  • A minimum HNC level qualification successful an Engineering related subject (or an equivalent/higher qualification, preferably a degree) and person applicable engineering experience
  • Proven acquisition demonstrating affirmative teamworking skills
  • Proven information to prime vs clip erstwhile evaluating solution options
  • Application of Software Engineering Lifecycle and associated processes
  • General knowing of the relation of Flight Data successful Air Traffic Management
  • Documentation generation, quality to make operational Work Instructions
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office tooling

Additional vacancy information: We are arrogant to connection a fantastic full reward bundle to assistance you thrive some personally and professionally. In summation to a competitory wage that's regularly reviewed, you'll besides payment from a wide scope of different benefits which includes generous permission entitlement, a market-leading defined publication pension scheme, a scope of voluntary benefits and retail discounts, wellness enactment and a broad learning and improvement offering. If you stock our passionateness to beforehand aviation and support the skies harmless - we would similar to perceive from you immoderate your age, sex, race, faith, intersexual orientation, sex identity, sex expression, disposable oregon invisible disability. Individuals that bring antithetic perspectives, skills, beingness experiences and backgrounds assistance america beryllium astatine the forefront of our industry.