T24 Application Support Specialist

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Wipro is looking for a T24 Application Support Specialist with erstwhile acquisition successful T24 enactment and beardown method cognition of the platform. This is simply a caller relation which volition beryllium astatine the bosom of the maturation docket for the organisation. The relation volition person a superior absorption to supply end-to-end enactment and instrumentality solution to resoluteness incidents.


Wipro is simply a well-led organisation wherever innovation is our differentiator. We ranked arsenic a "Top Employer" arsenic portion of the Top Employer Institute 2023 yearly listings. We were assessed connected several cardinal HR practices including Diversity and Inclusion and Gender. This is accompanied by achieving coagulated concern maturation successful the past 10 quarters against a backdrop of precocious ostentation and geopolitical turmoil.

As a T24 Application Support Specialist you volition beryllium a portion of Wipro Domain & Consulting Business Line. At D&C, we are not lone the champion astatine execution, but we besides enactment arsenic a proactive unit of change, a existent spouse successful our clients’ translation journey.

Wipro is astatine the forefront of helping companies astir the satellite alteration truthful that they tin present large experiences to their customers, partners and employees. At Domain and Consulting (D&C), we are astatine the bosom of this endeavor. With an entrepreneurial mindset and originative outlook, we measure customers’ problems and trade innovative solutions that impact the usage of technologies similar Cloud, AI, 5G and robotic automation. All this is done portion moving with clients simultaneously to present outstanding results.

As a T24 Application Support Specialist you volition beryllium a portion of the Core Processing Transformation Practice wherever we supply fiscal services clients with a broad acceptable of services that addresses ‘all aspects, & each stages’ of their halfway banking translation travel & alteration a accordant transverse transmission experience, by leveraging integer capabilities & assets to assistance widen the core. Leading practices see - Core Banking Advisory Services, Transform the Core, Manage the Core, Extend the Core, Next Gen Digital Core.

Purpose of the role

To supply end-to-end T24 exertion enactment and resoluteness incidents.

Your Responsibilities:

As the T24 Application Support Specialist you will:

  • Manage the method resumption of precocious priority, S@R, medium/high severity incidents
  • Provide end-to-end enactment and resoluteness incidents
  • Provide basal origin investigation for S@R, medium/high severity issues; guarantee each travel up enactment points are carried out
  • Be liable for the stableness of the accumulation system. Direct 2nd and 3rd level of enactment for occupation diagnosis and solution arsenic per the agreed SLA's
  • Be liable for managing the accumulation related changes, releases and rollouts with zero oregon minimal interaction to the stableness of the application
  • Review the babelike changes of the situation systems, infrastructure, networking etc.
  • Be liable for ensuring due method plans are successful spot for each accumulation changes (e.g. fallback plan, implementation plan, information conversion etc.)
  • Create and update Production Support documentation, contingency (DR/BCP) documentation and processes
  • Provide inputs to PSS manager for monthly dashboard that supply accusation connected incidental and occupation trends on with SIP and RCA Action Items
  • Participate & enactment successful cross-training and cognition transportation activities wrong enactment teams
  • Assist with enactment allocation & managing shifts for the T24 enactment team
  • Review the CoB & different strategy metrics to execute inclination investigation successful summation to improving betterment areas
  • Raise merchandise issues with vendor & negociate till resolution
  • Be alert of eco strategy including different situation applications progressive & enactment with them for operational activities arsenic needed

Mandatory Skills/Experience:

  • Strong T24 method cognition on with basics of Oracle, AIX & Windows OS
  • Hands connected T24 enactment experience
  • Infobasic improvement skills with hands-on experience
  • TAFJ cognition is required
  • T24 API improvement (screen changes, make caller inquiries)
  • Technical cognition of T24 customisation and OFS processing
  • Should person worked connected TPH (Temenos Payment Hub) and AA-Deposit
  • Should person cognition successful T24 areas PW, Design Studio, DevOps
  • Unix/Linux basal knowledge
  • REST exertion processing with IRIS2.0
  • Temenos Web Services TWS, Jboss configurations
  • DevOps tools cognition and experience
  • Debugging, investigation and troubleshooting skills
  • Should person acquisition of moving intimately with the extremity users arsenic good arsenic captious stakeholders from state tech & business
  • Critical acquisition with incidental & occupation management

Desirable Skills & Knowledge:

  • Stakeholder connection and acquisition successful vendor absorption would beryllium advantage
  • Exposure to non-technical areas specified arsenic Risk & Control

Your Benefits: 

As T24 Application Support Specialist you volition person a competitory salary, a generous benefits bundle and grooming & improvement successful areas to assistance you improve.

Equal Opportunities: 

Wipro is an Equal Employment Opportunity leader and makes each employment and employment-related decisions without respect to a person's race, sex, nationalist origin, ancestry, disability, intersexual orientation, oregon immoderate different presumption protected by applicable law.