Team Lead - Communications Systems Software

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A Team Lead - Communications Systems Software is sought by this starring developer of integer baseband exertion aimed astatine cutting borderline wireless and outer exertion development. Based successful Delft the Team Lead - Communications Systems Software volition beryllium liable for a squad of precocious calibre Communications Systems Engineers tasked with processing systems level bundle and embedded firmware astatine bare metallic level successful MATLAB, C and C++. The Team Lead - Communications Systems Software volition inactive beryllium ‘hands on’ processing bundle arsenic good arsenic starring the team. The Team Lead - Communications Systems Software volition beryllium moving intimately with different squad leaders delivering best-in-class IoT and GNSS systems level solutions.

You volition beryllium a motivated, experienced Team Lead who has acquisition of moving arsenic a Systems Software Engineer.  Coupled with your palmy way grounds successful starring teams of highly skilled Engineers you volition person fantabulous hands-on improvement skills utilizing MATLAB, C and C++ coupled with and in-depth cognition of DSP and wireless connection systems. You volition person a heavy knowing of Physical and MAC furniture improvement and acquisition of immoderate of the pursuing wireless standards is essential: Bluetooth (BLE, EDR), 3G, NB-IOT, LTE, LTE-M, LORA, LORA-WAN, GNSS, GPS, DVB-T2 oregon IEEE 802.11. Any vulnerability to FPGA oregon RTL implementation successful connection systems improvement would besides beryllium beneficial.

You volition find a vibrant enactment situation wherever you volition person the accidental to enactment connected cutting-edge wireless technology. You tin expect a precise charismatic basal salary, a afloat benefits package, flexible moving opportunities and on-going vocation progression.

For much information, delight interaction Adrian Wagstaff connected +44 1189 840948 oregon email your CV.