Technical Digital Marketing Executive

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Job Description

Technical Digital Marketing Executive Camberley Surrey

We are recruiting for a planetary institution who are looking to enlistee a Technical Digital Marketing Executive.

The Clients websites person millions of visitors each twelvemonth and are cardinal gross drivers for our business.

The intent of this relation is to assistance america recognize our cardinal audiences and their integer footprint crossed each our planetary markets.

This presumption of cardinal audiences volition beryllium the instauration for the Client's cross-channel contented selling plans.

The pursuing is simply a summary of the role:

   •   The implementation of a azygous planetary Google Analytics spot and Google AdWords relationship for each unrecorded institution websites.

   •   Working with the Performance Team to specify and instrumentality our attack to tagging assemblage groups based connected our astir communal website journeys.

   •   This attack volition see knowing however existing customers usage the extranet and nationalist website estate.

   •   Roll-out of a broad attack to lawsuit and conversion tracking for halfway lawsuit audiences crossed websites and extranet level utilizing GTM.

   •   Working with section selling teams to instrumentality telephone tracking technologies specified arsenic ResponseTap and Google Call Tracking.

   •   In conjunction with the wider Digital Performance Team, make a presumption of the integer footprint of our astir profitable customers sectors. In the archetypal instance, this volition beryllium based connected Google Analytics and AdWords data.

   •   Implementation of Paid Search scripts wrong our Global MCC to thrust optimisation and efficiencies. This is to see the improvement of customized KPIs, dashboards and reports done the implementation of scripts.

   •   Maintenance of country-specific PPC optimisation scripts to alteration continuous presumption reporting done automation.

   •   Provide lawsuit insights to assistance successful the improvement of contented selling plans to people and person the astir profitable customers.

   •   Assist successful the absorption of PPC and SEO campaigns to assistance thrust acquisition.

   •   Ad hoc PPC and SEO tasks, collaborating with Google and section selling teams to thrust acquisition crossed each channels.

   •   Use disposable information sources and make insights which volition assistance allocate Digital budgets to execute maximum return.

Key Skills Required:

   •   Understanding of the implementation of cookies, lawsuit and conversion tracking wrong Google Analytics and the usage of GTM.

   •   Experience with reporting and delivering connected actionable insights for some PPC and SEO activities utilizing platforms similar Google Analytics, Google Search Console and different 3rd enactment applications.

   •   Demonstrable acquisition astatine devising and implementing scripts to automate manual processes for ample datasets.

   •   Hand's connected PPC and SEO acquisition successful monitoring and targeting halfway lawsuit audiences to summation acquisition.

   •   Highly numerate and analytical, capable to enactment with ample amounts of information to extract wide lawsuit focused insights.

   •   Excellent connection skills with acquisition of communicating penetration from the integer satellite to non-specialist audiences

   •   Project absorption skills and a way grounds of delivering projects connected clip and budget

Qualifications and Experience


  • Undergraduate grade - preferably with a computing, method oregon analytical background.
  • Highly numerate with a demonstrated analytical capability.
  • Comfortable utilizing Google Tag Manager for tagging and conversion tracking.
  • Fluency successful integer analytics tools similar Google Analytics, Google Adwords and AdWords Editor.
  • Knowledge of MCC Adwords scripts that see reports and bid absorption automation.
  • Advanced Excel skills and the quality to process ample amounts of data.
  • Experience of delivering and presenting analyzable accusation to aggregate stakeholders successful a wide and coherent manner.
  • Competent idiosyncratic of PowerPoint to nutrient wide and concise presentations.
  • Excellent English written and verbal connection skills.


§ Some acquisition successful gathering integer footprints by lawsuit assemblage would beryllium highly desirable.

§ Google Analytics Individual Qualified (Valid GAIQ)

§ Google Adwords certified

§ Advanced GTM tagging and tracking cognition (desirable)

§ Advanced Microsoft Excel experience.

§ Proven acquisition of precocious statistical investigation specified arsenic regression.

§ Foreign connection skills are desirable

Salary volition babelike connected skills but astir apt successful the scope of £30K - £40K positive benefits.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format for this breathtaking caller role.