Technical Marketing Manager

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Technical Marketing Manager - EU semiconductor institution with connectivity

EU based company, specialised successful high-speed nexus exertion to audio-video manufacture and automotive exertion with well-known lawsuit basal specified arsenic Samsung/ LG / Sony arsenic good arsenic GM / Daimler for cameras / radars / LiDARs and displays for precocious driver-assistant systems and autonomous driving.

They are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Technical Marketing Manager to articulation their squad successful China.

You volition beryllium based successful Shenzhen, China.

As Technical Marketing Manager, you volition be

  • Collaborating with the selling and income squad connected merchandise promotion and run strategies
  • Developing method selling materials and products, monitoring merchandise performance, and resolving problems
  • Training income and enactment teams connected merchandise specifications and functionalities
  • Accompanying selling teams to selling events, merchandise launches, and lawsuit locations
  • Delivering presentations and performing merchandise demonstrations
  • Answering lawsuit queries and providing method merchandise support
  • Contributing to selling strategies by researching marketplace trends and associated technologies
  • Participating successful cardinal marketplace and technology-show events (i.e. tradeshows, vendor day, summit, panels)

Please consciousness escaped to interaction Simpson astatine IC Resources, if you deliberation you are good, we emotion to perceive from you.