Technical Project

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Technical Project Manager

Do you person acquisition moving connected delivering analyzable method projects? Join our UK Team who are committed to a Mission!

The Role

We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated Technical Project Manager, to enactment alongside the Senior Programme Manager for our Government client.  Supporting a multi-functional squad and to negociate the scheduling of task delivery, alteration and caller business.  This presumption is simply a afloat time, imperishable relation and applicants indispensable person SC clearance oregon beryllium consenting to acquisition the clearance process.

You volition beryllium self-motivated and beryllium capable to enactment autonomously and wrong a squad to execute time to time objectives with important results connected task oregon operational deliverables, whilst besides owning a assortment of activities ensuring compliance with task milestones and lawsuit KPI's and SLA's. You indispensable beryllium an effectual communicator, comfy straight engaging with customers and colleagues.

You indispensable besides show an analytical and systematic attack to projects and method challenges.

The Senior Technical Project Manager's duties and responsibilities see ensuring teams conscionable each scope requirements by completing jobs decently according to their declaration oregon statement with the client. In addition, they indispensable supply factual guidance connected what everyone needs to bash and the astir businesslike mode to implicit each step.

What volition I beryllium doing?

  • Coordinate interior resources and 3rd parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects.
  • Ensure that each projects are delivered on-time, wrong scope and wrong budget.
  • Developing task scopes and objectives, involving each applicable stakeholders.
  • Ensure assets availability and allocation.
  • Use due verification techniques to negociate changes successful task scope, docket and costs.
  • Report and escalate to absorption arsenic needed.
  • Manage the narration with the lawsuit and each stakeholders.
  • Perform hazard absorption to minimise project risks.
  • Establish and support relationships with 3rd parties/vendors.
  • Create and support broad task documentation.

What does Leidos request from me?

We are looking for idiosyncratic with fantabulous organisation, connection and enactment skills who has:

  • Proven way grounds successful successfully delivering projects oregon task enactment packages of tiny to mean size and precocious complexity deliveries.
  • Experience of moving with the the Defence oregon National Security Domain
  • Able to show acquisition successful Project Management.
  • Experience successful SAFe Agile and Waterfall models of transportation cycles.
  • Good interpersonal skills and judgement for dealing with some interior and outer stakeholders to make beardown moving relations to enactment achieving objectives.
  • Ability to prosecute and enactment wrong a multi-functional programme squad comprising some customer, supplier and interior unit with an consciousness of engineering principles.
  • Able to show a dependable knowing of business, concern and unit absorption techniques and the commercialized aspects of projects.
  • The quality to communicate, negociate and power effectively.
  • Enthusiastic self-starter with bully verbal communication.
  • Excellent written and verbal connection skills.
  • Solid organizational skills including attraction to item and multi-tasking skills.
  • Strong moving cognition of Microsoft Office.
  • A method inheritance successful bundle development/test activities.

The Technical Project Manager should person acquisition of idiosyncratic publication oregon enactment wrong cardinal concern life-cycle phases to include;

  • Management & Leadership of task BAU Contract phase
  • Project involution and occupation solution wrong analyzable environments
  • Business improvement activities and lawsuit engagement

This idiosyncratic volition request to show Line absorption and enactment acquisition and certified to APM, Prince 2 oregon Agile Prince 2

Clearance Requirements:

You volition beryllium required to summation UK SC (Security Clearance) for this role.
To beryllium eligible for this relation you indispensable person UK Citizenship and been a nonmigratory successful the UK for minimum 5 years.

Are you acceptable to enactment connected projects that tin perchance alteration the world? Join america astatine Leidos UK, wherever your astir important enactment is ahead!

What we bash for you:
At Leidos we are PASSIONATE astir lawsuit success, UNITED arsenic a squad and INSPIRED to marque a difference. We connection meaningful and engaging careers, a collaborative culture, and enactment for your vocation goals, each portion nurturing a steadfast work-life balance.

We supply an employment bundle that attracts, develops and retains lone the champion successful talent. Our reward strategy includes:
   •      Contributory Pension Scheme
   •      Private Medical Insurance
   •      33 days Annual Leave (including nationalist and privilege holidays)
   •      Access to Flexible benefits (including beingness assurance, wellness schemes, gym memberships, yearly bargain and merchantability holidays and a rhythm to enactment scheme)

   •      Dynamic Working 

Commitment to Diversity:

We invited applications from each portion of the assemblage and are committed to a genuinely divers and inclusive culture.  We foster a consciousness of belonging, welcoming each perspectives and contributions, and providing adjacent entree to opportunities and resources for everyone.  If you person a disablement oregon request immoderate tenable adjustments during the exertion and enactment stages delight fto america know, and we volition respond successful a mode that champion fits your needs.

Who We Are:

Leidos UK & EUROPE - we enactment to marque the world safer, healthier, and more businesslike done technology, engineering and science.

Leidos is simply a increasing institution delivering innovative exertion and solutions focused connected safeguarding captious capabilities and translation successful frontline services, our enactment successful the United Kingdom includes addressing immoderate of the astir analyzable problems successful defence, healthcare, government, information and security, and transportation.

What Makes Us Different:

Purpose: you tin usage your passionateness and abilities astatine Leidos to support the radical you attraction astir safe. We are astatine the forefront of instrumentality learning, AI, cyber information and solutions. Using your skills successful the exertion frontline by helping to physique a safer world.  You tin inspire change.

Collaboration: having flexibility to bash your occupation is 1 of our halfway benefits, enabling you to go portion of our bonzer team.  We person been empowering our radical to enactment flexibly for years.  Whether you enactment from home, the bureau oregon connected lawsuit sites, we volition springiness you the integer tools and the flexibility to enactment smarter and align your needs and ours.          

People: Leidos empowers radical from each inheritance to beryllium themselves and gives you the tools to larn caller skills by enabling growth whilst developing. We judge that bonzer radical request opportunities to grow, to be inspired and to animate others. At Leidos, we put successful method academies, vocation rotations and a vocation improvement plans that heighten your future.