Technology Business Consultant with Front Arena

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Job Description

Technology Business Consultant with Front Arena

We are presently looking for a Technology Business Consultant (m/w/d) to enactment our Treasury consulting squad successful Germany. The relation is disposable arsenic a distant position, but it is beneficial if based adjacent oregon successful Frankfurt.

You indispensable person astatine slightest 5 years positive expertise of moving with Sungard's/FIS Front Arena Software.

As a Consultant you volition beryllium the main constituent of interaction for customers successful Front Arena implementation projects, moving successful modern environments with authorities of the creation exertion successful the fiscal sector.

In summation to cooperating with improvement connected caller products and services, this besides includes the design, implementation of technological integrations and the enlargement of infrastructure.

We are a dynamic and planetary squad of Front Arena consultants.

As portion of the planetary Consulting Services organization, we assistance our clients, who are among the largest companies successful the world, to interruption caller crushed successful streamlining and automating their trading and hazard business.

Every time brings caller and demanding challenges that we tin lone flooded unneurotic successful the squad and successful intensive practice with each stakeholders.

What you volition beryllium doing:

Participate successful consulting projects for fiscal companies arsenic portion of a squad to conscionable circumstantial lawsuit requirements.

Consulting connected issues of performance, infrastructure

Installation and setup of applications

Developing scripts, customizing implementation of applications.

Writing trial plans and trial cases to guarantee that enhancements made to applications conscionable lawsuit requirements and support exertion integrity.

What you volition bring:

Bachelor's grade successful 1 of the pursuing disciplines: Information science, machine science, concern administration, economics, finance, oregon a operation of acquisition and enactment experience.

Knowledge of modular bundle improvement methodologies, specified arsenic waterfall exemplary oregon agile approaches

Good verbal and written connection skills with method and non-technical audiences astatine antithetic hierarchical levels

Coaching of interior staff

Good analytical, decision-making, problem-solving, interpersonal, teamwork, negotiation, struggle absorption and clip absorption skills

Ability to transportation and power others of the champion people of action

Knowledge of Financial products and services and the fiscal services industry.

Proficiency successful astatine slightest 1 due exertion programming language, specified arsenic Python, C#, C++ and/or Java.

What we connection you:

A multifaceted occupation with a precocious grade of work and a wide spectrum of opportunities

A wide scope of grooming and improvement opportunities

A modern, planetary moving situation successful a committed and motivated team

An charismatic wage exemplary and benefits (including insurances, institution wellness management, flexitime, payment card)

You indispensable person a grade ideally successful Computer Science.

In this presumption determination volition beryllium question astatine slightest 50% of the time.

You volition ideally beryllium based adjacent to Frankfurt Germany.

The wage for this presumption volition beryllium successful the scope ?90K to ?110K.

Please bash nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and announcement period.