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An accidental has go disposable for a Test Manager to articulation a starring MEMS company based successful Delft.

This is simply a large accidental to turn and pb a squad of talented trial engineers.

As the Test Manager you volition person a fig of responsibilities that include;

  • Lead, turn and negociate a squad of test/validation engineers
  • Create trial plans, automate investigating and make trial methodologies for MEMS characterisation
  • Work with plan squad to measure caller silicon
  • Support bringup with overseas teams
  • Design, make and validate PCB trial platforms for automated testing

To beryllium considered for the Test Manager vacancy you indispensable have:

  • Prior acquisition successful a related tract (and a PhD successful Electrical/Mechanical Engineering is desirable)
  • 8+ years acquisition with mixed-signal circuits
  • Experience with circuit characterisation, debug, automated investigating and information collection
  • Experience with MATLAB oregon Python
  • Bench level investigating with laboratory measurement equipment
  • Any MEMS/sensor acquisition is highly advantageous.

If you person involvement successful applying to the Test Manager vacancy oregon would similar further information, delight interaction Roberta Wright.

Contact Name: Roberta Wright

Reference: TJ/801/V-192401

Job ID: 3312262


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