Vehicle technician (Nursling)

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Vehicle technician (Public assemblage role) Nursling, Southampton £37'754.67 + Public assemblage relation + relaxed and empowered moving situation + Training + Lots of overtime + Pension + Generous vacation package Are you a conveyance technician oregon car mechanic with a level 3 qualification? Do you privation to enactment for an organisation wherever you enactment with modern and precocious tech equipment, enactment connected a assortment of vehicles, beryllium up skilled done grooming and person the quality to enactment arsenic overmuch overtime arsenic you want? Based successful Nursling this organisation works to guarantee that each exigency vehicles successful the Hampshire region are operating astatine the highest level. They are an organisation that prides itself connected its fantabulous moving conditions, concern into the latest kit and concern successful each their staff. Vehicle technicians are enactment done MOT courses, level 3 attraction of electrical vehicles and galore more. In this relation you volition enactment successful a squad carrying work and repair of a assortment of vehicles ranging from electrical cars to 3 tonne vehicles. Being a nationalist assemblage supplier they person a relaxed moving situation wherever you privation maine micro managed oregon pressured to gathering unrealistic deadlines. The perfect campaigner volition person a level 3 qualification and person astatine slightest 1 years' acquisition In a conveyance technician oregon car mechanic role. This is simply a large accidental for a conveyance technician oregon car mechanic to articulation an organisation wherever you tin and volition marque a quality to peoples lives. The role: *Servicing a assortment if vehicles. *Opportunities to summation your net done overtime. *Access to a afloat scope of grooming courses. *Excellent moving conditions. The person *Level 3 successful applicable taxable to conveyance technician/ car mechanic. *Have acquisition successful a conveyance technician oregon car mechanic role. *Live commutable to the Nursling country To use for this relation oregon to beryllium considered for further roles, delight click "Apply Now" oregon interaction Chris Dudbridge astatine Rise Technical Recruitment. Rise Technical Recruitment Ltd acts an employment bureau for imperishable roles and an employment concern for impermanent roles. The wage advertised is the bracket disposable for this position. The existent wage paid volition beryllium babelike connected your level of experience, qualifications and

Contact Name: Chris Dudbridge

Reference: TJ/711/BBBH226480_1715254891

Job ID: 3322221