Vehicle Test and Analysis Engineer

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This relation is wrong the Robustness Team successful D&R+T (Vehicle Engineering - Durability & Robustness + Towing). The relation volition absorption connected delivering information and precocious prime contented reports from conveyance tests successful enactment of plan and/or accumulation validation. The main enactment is to implicit full conveyance tests according to established D&R trial processes. This includes full conveyance climatic and proving crushed tests astatine Gaydon/MIRA and supporting durability mileage vehicles successful the UK, UAE, USA and Sweden.

The relation volition see documenting the occupation explanation of a wide assortment of conveyance issues that hap during D&R tests. In addition, the relation volition see mentation of trial facilities, vehicle, instrumentation which measurement a wide scope of date. The relation whitethorn enactment contented investigations, conveyance requirements and trial method betterment activities.

Key Accountabilities and Responsibilities

   •      Complete afloat mentation of trial installation and/or trial parts to alteration effectual and timely information transportation  
   •      Complete conveyance level durability and spot tests
   •      Provide method expertise successful the trial processes and postulation of conveyance data
   •      Support conveyance trial and investigation elder trial engineers successful time to time activities required to trial vehicles
   •      Support monitoring and tracking connected agelong tally durability vehicles (inc overseas)
   •      Support improvement of caller requirements, trial methods and process improvements.
   •      To collate, manipulate and construe information which volition beryllium utilized to pass engineering decisions
   •      Undertake immoderate different enactment arsenic directed by their enactment manager, astatine the due site, successful transportation with their occupation arsenic whitethorn beryllium requested 
   •      Continuous improvement of the relation including usage of AGILE tools.


Knowledge, Skills and Experience

-    Technical expertise and acquisition of investigating vehicles oregon parts.
-    Data investigation and reporting of trial data.
-    Natural problem-solver with structured attack to occupation solving successful a method environment.
-    The quality to validate, hole and work engineering documents.
-    Knowledge of Health and Safety requirements, Risk Assessment, COSHH and SDS
-    Computer literate, including Microsoft Office competency to nutrient plans, presentations, graphs, process and Single Point Lesson (SPL) documents.
-    A afloat UK driving licence with little than 6 punishment points, nary disqualification, 2 years mishap escaped record