Voice & Data Engineer

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Voice and Data Engineer

Location: Leeds, Thorpe Park, Hybrid working.

Together, we marque recognition enactment amended for all! Our ngo is to assistance customers connected the way to becoming indebtedness free; with a existent absorption connected helping our customers wage disconnected their debts successful applicable and affordable ways. We bash this honestly, ethically and by treating our customers with dignity and respect.

We bargain debts from tons of antithetic companies successful each kinds of sectors arsenic good arsenic supply postulation services for different businesses. Our absorption connected sustainability, hybrid working, enactment improvement and vocation progression makes moving astatine Lowell a rewarding experience.

We are presently recruiting for a Voice and Data Engineer. The relation involves managing the day-to-day IT operations of Lowell's Contact Centre Technology environment, supporting changes and administration, collaborating with stakeholders, and ensuring the show and availability of the exertion stack.

Accountabilities and Responsibilities:

  • Managing the day-day IT cognition of the Contact Centre Technology situation involving overseeing exertion changes crossed Lowell's analyzable and tightly integrated exertion stack.

  • Support the implementation of changes, including day-day medication of enactment flows, announcements and cause configuration.

  • Collaborating with stakeholders, managing tickets and escalations related to Contact Centre Technologies crossed voice, chat, email, SMS, and related technologies.

  • Support Incident and Problem Management functions with large incidents, moving intimately with suppliers to minimise downtime.

  • Support with Technical Deliveries of caller systems and applications moving intimately with Technical Architects arsenic a transportation assets arsenic required.

Qualifications & Skills:

  • Demonstrable acquisition successful Telephony, IT enactment and oregon engineering.
  • Proficiency successful Avaya and Verint is essential.

  • Experience with SIP & WebRTC deployments and champion practice.

  • CCaaS level deployments and administration.

  • Experience of moving with Telephony Carrier Networks & NGN routing, Payment Applications & IVA solutions, ServiceNow, UC including VC Management is desirable.


  • Strong communication, problem-solving abilities, and the quality to enactment nether pressure.

A ngo that gives back:

You'll besides person tons of opportunities to marque an interaction connected your idiosyncratic development. At Lowell we person a large absorption connected helping our colleagues make their careers and turn with us, together.

So, immoderate your culture, sex identity, religion, ethnicity, age, neurodiversity, oregon disablement status, if you're acceptable to assistance america marque recognition enactment amended for all, we deliberation you'll acceptable close in. Our radical are our strength, truthful we physique beardown teams thriving with divers voices, and connection benefits that tin support our radical strong.

That means…

  • A competitive salary.
  • A discretionary annual bonus for a occupation good done.

  • 3% flexible benefits; prime further benefits oregon instrumentality arsenic currency each month. Whether this is other vacation oregon dental screen determination volition beryllium thing for you.

  • We are committed to a hybrid working environment, wherever we volition inquire you to enactment successful our Leeds office, which volition beryllium based successful Thorpe Park. Our caller purpose-built bureau to enactment collaborative moving and those meaningful moments you'll lone get from being successful the office.

  • Free parking erstwhile you are successful the bureau and erstwhile moving from home, you'll beryllium afloat equipped with everything you'll request to beryllium successful.28 days holiday positive nationalist holidays with the enactment to acquisition up to an further 5 days.

  • Life assurance

  • A fantastic culture with much small perks on the mode including, self-development opportunities, designation awards and on-site facilities to enactment the varying needs of our colleagues.

  • Wellbeing enactment and a programme of webinars and classes geared towards mindfulness.

  • Job security

Ready to stock successful that mission?

Our radical are our top asset. That means portion of our ngo is gathering a workplace wherever you tin turn with us, and assistance america spell connected to marque a difference, together.

Together, we spell further - and it starts with you. So, if you're funny successful adding your dependable to our fantastic squad of people, instrumentality the archetypal measurement and apply today…