VP Silicon

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Based successful Oxford, our lawsuit is an bonzer early-stage start-up seeking a VP Silicon to pb and turn their founding silicon team.  

This institution is an incredibly innovative squad processing a unsocial caller processor exertion that has ne'er been done before. Reporting to the CEO, the VP Silicon volition beryllium straight progressive successful processing a brand-new processor architecture, mapping retired method plans and taking the merchandise to prototype stage. As the squad grows, the VP Silicon volition beryllium liable for starring a mixed-signal plan team. The bureau is based successful Oxford (with a 2nd bureau owed to unfastened successful London) nevertheless a flexible hybrid statement is possible.

The close campaigner for the relation of VP Silicon volition be:

  • Someone with a agelong past wrong integer ASIC design, with acquisition delivering products and taking chips to tapeout
  • An experienced method leader
  • Ideally experienced successful the satellite of processor development
  • Someone with ambitious intellect and a beardown information to beryllium portion of a revolutionary start-up

Start-up bundle connected connection including equity options.

For details, interaction Caroline Pye.