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Interactive ML applied beforehand extremity bundle improvement utilizing Vue

This increasing start-up is processing precocious AI-based algorithms to alteration exertion disruption and beforehand innovation. Their tools are utilized by globally recognised companies to make caller inventions successful the antithetic sectors including communications, healthcare and autonomous vehicles. They are increasing their bundle and exertion squad and question a Vue Developer to articulation them.

Proving expertise connected beforehand extremity bundle development, the Vue Developer volition lend to the method plan that incorporates Natural Language Processing, modern web technologies, information and performance.


  • Commercial acquisition utilizing Vue.js frameworks, ideally moving connected B2B bundle applications. Additional acquisition with different JavaScript frameworks, HTML/CSS would beryllium beneficial.
  • Experience with UI/UX and knowing however to crook designs into accumulation code.
  • Demonstrable task acquisition with interactive web applications hosting information visualisations (such arsenic D3.js).
  • Exposure to backmost extremity improvement (Python / Django) oregon Kubernetes would beryllium desirable.

Applicants are expected to clasp a STEM degree, but your task acquisition is of much relevance. Work volition beryllium onsite astatine their Cambridge bureau (with the enactment of hybrid enactment possible, up to 2 days per week moving from home). Applicants bash request afloat rights to enactment successful the UK without the request for sponsorship.

For highly experienced applicants, determination is an enactment to enactment with immoderate of the company's squad astatine their smaller London office. This is based successful cardinal London (EC2) and this enactment would apt necessitate candidates to beryllium much bureau based. 

Keywords: Vue.js, JavaScript Frameworks, Front End, Interactive Web Development, RESTful APIs, Cambridge / London

Another apical occupation from ECM, the high-tech recruitment experts.     

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